Take your Shopify studio from burnt out to sold out

A 12-week group coaching program and community for designers and developers who want to scale their profits (not their stress) and finally stop doing everything themselves.

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🦄Hybrid Unicorn

If you’re here, it’s because you’re a designer or developer (or the elusive unicorn hybrid 🦄), running a Shopify studio that, let’s be honest, is actually running you.

Maybe you think you have the hang of scoping projects, but when the design/dev handoff happens, 💩sh!t hits the proverbial fan, the scope creeps, the project goes sideways, and you lose money. Or maybe you’re still DEYing (doing everything yourself) and working more hours than a 24-hour laundromat.

Whatever the case, you’re probably a *fun*🥴 combination of burnt out, confused, frustrated and time-poor (and maybe poor-poor).

👇Read on, friend.


You're a 🎨Designer and...

  • You’re not into coding—you just want to design and make a name for yourself and your aesthetic, not your coding skills (or lack thereof 😬)
  • You feel like you have to offer custom dev on projects to make the sale—but you feel like you can’t do the dev yourself (or afford to outsource it)
  • You don’t want to limit the design of your Shopify sites to minor theme customizations—but, ahem, that’s all you know how to do
  • You desperately need more clients (read: money) coming in, but you already feel like the work you have on your plate is too much
  • You’d rather use the time you spend Googling HTML and CSS code marketing—because that new client pipeline isn’t going to fill itself, amirite?

You're a 💻Developer and...

  • You’re the first to say it: You’re not a designer—you just want to put your head down and work behind the scenes/screens coding
  • You think of yourself as a problem-solver—but the clients and designers who hire you treat you more like a pixel-pusher 👾
  • You’re always brought into projects late, so you can’t set expectations for realistic dev requirements (and budgets)
  • You get paid less than you should—but you don’t know how to attract clients on your own, so you take what you can get
  • You want to invest your time (and skills) building sites, but you’re wasting it on scope creep and bug fixes instead

You're a 🦄Hybrid and...

  • You’re the unicorn who can do it all—design, dev and project management—but you’re burnt out doing it all and ready to do it differently
  • You like design and development, but you know switching between them isn’t efficient: It’s slowing you (and your projects) down
  • You want to make more money, but you can’t scale your operations because you can’t scale your time—you’re already at capacity
  • You’re nervous to bring on a team because the one you have now is unreliable at best and dysfunctional at worst
  • You want to stay light, agile and in control of your business, so you feel like you have no choice but to keep doing everything yourself

You’re not alone and it’s not your fault.


Free Workshop: Leveraging a Designer/Developer Relationship to Scale and Get out of the weeds of DEY

"Thank you so much for this webinar, it was very inspiring and brought me a lot of insights already."
- Elena Tsangaris

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Turns out...

You need to master business, not more design/dev

Here’s the thing: Designers are taught how to design and developers are taught how to develop. They’re not taught how to run a business. And the fugly truth is: You can’t be successful (read: profitable) as an independent designer or developer without knowing how to run a business.

Sure, you need to know color theory or JavaScript, but you won’t scale your studio on skills alone. You’ll scale your studio when you know how to design scalable offers, scope projects accurately (and profitably) from the get-go, and form strategic partnerships to deliver those projects.

The good news is: It’s not too late to learn how to run a studio that doesn't make you want to burn it to the ground every few months.

Build a more profitable, less stressful Shopify studio

Picture it: You’re no longer doing everything yourself. In fact, you’ve outsourced the side of your business you don’t like and—wait for it—you don’t have to micromanage that side of the business. Because you found yourself a strategic partner who gets you and shares your vision.

You’re on the same page with what you’re offering (and what you’re charging) because you designed a profitable, scalable offer together, along with the processes for managing dev requirements, client expectations, scope creep, and delivery. You finally feel free in your business✨

Feel too good to be true? It’s not: This could be your studio—inside 12 weeks.


A multi-six-figure Shopify studio owner

Hey, I’m Lea: Founder of Arq Design Studio and your coach inside Scale Your Shopify Studio.

I’ve been where you are now: The all-nighters, projects hundreds of hours over budget (yes, hundreds), and tech nightmares Silicone Valley movies are made of. (Blackberry has nothing on me.) For five years, I ran my business on caffeine and tears—and I couldn’t do it anymore.

So, I stopped doing business as usual, and started doing things differently: I designed scalable offers, started partnering with pros on the side of my business I didn’t love, and systematized delivery so my projects would consistently deliver on time and on budget. Less scope creep, less stress.

Today, my agency makes multiple six figures per year while I work from home or abroad (and never on evenings or weekends). I can scale my signature $70k offering to work for a $5k budget without investing hours of my life. Because I dared to do things differently. The question is: Will you?

5-person agency owner

I know how to operate a team at scale and a 1-man show and everything in between.

15 years experience

I've been all all sides of the design, build, and management experience of ecommerce since 2009.

A 12-week mastermind for designers and developers to strategically scale their studios—not their stress

This is it: The business strategy that took me from burnt out freelancer working 24/7 to multiple-six-figure studio owner working four-hour workdays, all packed into 12 weeks of hands-on coaching, networking, and implementation. You’ll step behind-the-scenes of my agency to see how it works IRL and learn everything you need to know to make it work for your studio. Scout’s honour.

You'll learn how to:

  • Scope projects and set timelines accurately—and profitably—from the get-go
  • Make money with Shopify services beyond one-off design-and-build projects
  • Design a scalable offer that makes you money at every client budget
  • Leverage a strategic design/dev partner and create a network of trusted contractors
  • Find a niche that plays to your strengths—and your design/dev partner’s
  • Hand off projects from design to dev—without scope creep or stress
  • Build a reputation for managing projects and clients without hiccups or headaches
  • Create an opinionated app stack that solves client problems and makes your life easier
What's included?

What You'll Get

12 weeks of live coaching

Eight modules of drip content

Actionable Video lessons (all 10 minutes or less)

Bi-weekly one-hour group coaching calls

Premium Templates

Four one-hour speed dating events to find a partner

Offer and Process Audits

Premium community to network and get support

Creative brief and test project for your portfolio

Ongoing high-touch support from Lea in the community

Guest expert classes each month

A break for Black Friday Hell Week (I know this industry)

What you can expect to learn

The Modules


Module 01

Module 1

Plan to Scale and Profit

In Module 1, you’ll reflect on past projects and learn from them—what worked and what didn’t—making a vision for the future of your business. We’ll talk about transitioning from DEYing (doing everything yourself) to specializing and what that entails, from mindset to pricing.


Module 02

Module 2

Client Communication & Sales Process

In Module 2, we’ll talk all things niching—what your niche is and why it’s important to have one. Knowing that niche, you’ll learn how to find and vet potential design/dev partners and how to build and nurture a network of trusted contractors you can rely on in your business.


Module 03

Module 3

Effective Delivery & Profitability

In Module 3, I’ll show you all the possibilities for selling Shopify services beyond one-off design-and-build projects. We’ll talk specialized services, like retention, email, social, CRO, SEO and speed optimization, plus partner apps and maintenance services you can offer on retainer.


Module 04

Module 4

Client Communication & Sales Process

In Module 4, you’ll learn how to pitch the design/dev partnership to your clients, minimizing confusion and push-back. We’ll talk managing client expectations and communication, and ensure you understand the sales process and how to customize it to your business.


Module 05

Module 5

 Effective Delivery & Profitability

In Module 5, we’ll get into profitability. You’ll learn my best practices for managing projects as a designer or developer, plus how to monitor (and improve) profitability throughout the project lifecycle. And you can steal my tool stack for more efficient project management.


Module 06

Module 6

Scoping, Pitching & Collaborative Process

In Module 6, you’ll learn how I scope projects accurately (and profitably) the first time, streamlining the design/dev handoff and minimizing scope creep. We’ll talk pitching projects with a partner, best practices for handoff, and how to assess mid-project progress.


Module 07

Module 7

Maintaining The Collaborative Model & Next Steps In The Business Journey

In Module 7, you’ll learn the ins and outs of successful collaboration, including what to do when there’s a conflict in the collaboration (it happens). We’ll plan for the future of your business and strategies for continuing to scale your services, business, and profits.


Module 08

Module 8

Test Project

In Module 8, you’ll put everything you learned into practice with a test project, deliver a faux project within the parameters of your new offering and delivery process before we officially wrap up and talk next steps—including first dibs on our membership pricing.


Hear it from some of our talented alum

"There’s nothing like this in the market that will cover you from end to end... I’ve been building Shopify sites since 2016 and still learnt so many secrets from this course."

- Jen


"It's been so great to be part of this community with designers and developers who want to deepen their knowledge... not just scratching the surface."

- Rebekah C.


"...worth every dollar because I’ve learned how to better organise my Shopify projects through her incredible templates! Lea also goes through everything you need to know to build a semi-custom site and deliver a high-end client experience through smart setups."

- Julia D.


"The Frictionless Process section is worth the cost of the program on it's OWN! I've spent thousandsss on continuing education over the last decade and this program could have literally replaced my degree and shortcut 5 years off biz dev had I found it first."

-Charlene R



Scale your studio, not your stress

Save $680 until October 5th
$2,875 $2,199
Pay in full and save $680! code BETTERATSCALE Get all the Bonuses + 1:1 Bonus Coaching Call with Lea.
No auto-billing, you can renew your subscription manually at our first-dibs monthly membership rate after our 12 weeks.
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$575 $287.50
code BETTER - then 4 monthly payments of $575. Only until October 8th.
Payments are in 5 consecutive months, starting today. You can renew your subscription manually at our first-dibs monthly membership rate after our 12 weeks.
Let's Do it
Price goes up in January - lock in this price before we close for the Fall.

Enroll now for
$4,490 in bonuses

Get The Bonuses!

VALUE: $750

The first four students to enroll by September 28, 2023 get a free 1:1 coaching session with me to book anytime during your 12-week enrollment in Scale Your Shopify Studio.

VALUE: $350

Get my eyes on your newly created offer and delivery process to ensure you’ve thought of everything to make it as profitable as possible.

VALUE: $2,500

Get access to The Shopify Code(x): My intermediate-friendly courses for designers developers to uplevel their Shopify theme customization skills, from JSON and SCHEMA to Shopify Liquid.

VALUE: $350

The actual step-by-step process I use to onboard clients, from scoping projects and delivering onboarding documents to setting clear boundaries on scope creep from the get-go.

VALUE: $350

The framework I use to host my strategy workshops with clients, communicating the inclusions of a $60k project—and how we can scale the scope of the project to their budget.

VALUE: $120

The design templates your studio needs to streamline the design/dev handoff, and minimize confusion, scope creep, and revisions. (You can thank me later.)

VALUE: $120

The actual email templates I use in my business to share deliverables and versions with clients, including clear guidelines for feedback to prevent scope creep and delayed timelines.

"The Shopify Codex has been worth every dollar because I’ve learned how to better organise my Shopify projects through her incredible templates! Lea also goes through everything you need to know to build a semi-custom site and deliver a high-end client experience through smart setups."

–Jen C.

@Jenuine Creative


"I can’t afford it."

Every month you mismanage your business (by no fault of your own) is a month your stress levels go up, and your profits go down. The truth is: You can’t afford not to change something in your business. And in 12 weeks, we can change everything. I’ll show you how to run your business strategically, minimizing stress and maximizing profits. So, when you’re making five-figure months or six-figure years, Scale Your Shopify Studio will be the best return on investment imaginable.

"I don’t know if I’ll get enough value out of it."

If you’re an experienced designer or developer who’s making multiple six figures and working four-day workweeks with a team of trusted contractors, you’re right, you won’t get the value out of it because you’re already running a successful Shopify studio. But if you’re still doing everything yourself in your business or trying—and failing—to hand off work to contractors, you’ll get the value out of it. You’ll learn everything you need to design and deliver a profitable offer with a network of trusted contractors by your side—all while working less.

I don’t need another course or skill.

Good news: This isn’t another course to up-level your design or development skills. Because what you need isn’t more skills, it’s more profits at scale. I happen to believe that the majority of us are skilled enough at design or development to deliver a knock-out product. But we’re not skilled enough at business to deliver said product on time and on budget. So, Scale Your Shopify Studio isn’t about getting another badge for your Girl Scout sash. It’s about teaching you my step-by-step process for designing and delivering profitable offers.

I don’t have time for another program.

We make time for what matters. And if you’re here, it’s because your business matters to you. I could have made Scale Your Shopify Studio a six-week intensive, but I get that we’re all busy and the program has to work around your schedule—not the other way around. So, I made Scale Your Shopify Studio a 12-week program—eight weeks of coaching, four weeks of integration—with 10-minute videos (or less) so you have the time and space to do it. For reference, students typically invest four hours per week—max—on the mastermind.

I’m worried I won’t find a partner.

The good news is Scale Your Shopify Studio was designed to show you how to find trusted contractors you can partner with—inside or outside the mastermind. If you partner up with a designer or developer inside the mastermind, it’s a bonus not a must for getting maximum value out of the program. In fact, I recommend you not limit yourself to the 30 designers and developers within the program. Work your network. And if you want to extend your stay in the mastermind to meet new prospective partners, you’ll get first dibs on our membership pricing.



  • You’re a web designer or developer who’s overworked and overwhelmed 😰
  • You’re scared if you don’t offer design and development, no one will invest in your offerings
  • You do everything yourself because you don’t trust contractors to deliver on time or on budget
  • You can’t afford for another project to go sideways because the scope was more than expected
  • You desperately need support scoping and managing projects accurately (and profitably)
  • You want to scale your profits without scaling your hours—or your stress
  • You’re confused about what you’re doing “wrong” / why your business is so stressful

You’re in the right place, friend.


  • You’re a web designer or developer who’s a-okay one-off design-and-build projects
  • You’re already making multiple-six figures without chaos or stress in your business
  • You’ve never actually had a project go sideways with scope creep and postponed launches
  • You have processes on lock for managing projects, clients, and the design/dev handoff
  • You’re pretty confident you’ve got this whole business thing figured out
  • You feel like unpredictability is just the nature of business and can’t be changed
  • You’ll never work with contractors again because you’ve been burnt in the past

This isn’t the place for you, friend.

i'm a perfect fit

Pricing plan

Payment Plan
code: BETTER and save %50% on month 1
Pay in Full + Save $680
code: BETTERATSCALE until Oct 5
Program Inclusions
12 Weeks of live coaching
Eight Modules of Drip Content Starting Oct 8
Bi-weekly one-hour ground calls
Premium Templates
Live community access
Time Sensitive Bonuses
1:1 60 minute coaching call
1:! Offer and process audit
12 week all access to The Shopify Code(x)
Masterclass with Morgan Rapp Design a Signature Offer


Your Questions, finally answered

Is Scale Your Shopify Studio A Course?

Scale Your Shopify Studio is a mastermind, not a course. Sure, there’s course content within the mastermind, but the value of Scale Your Shopify Studio is in the coaching, networking, and partnerships. It’s limited to 30 designers and developers who want to scale their studios in a collaborative, supportive environment instead of trying to figure it out on their own.

How Does The 12-Week Sprint Work?

For this round, you’re getting the content first exclusively. Parts of the resource library are ready for you to binge (The Shopify Codex), while some modules will be dripped (read paced) starting October 8th for you to not pull all nighters and get into *overwhelm*. You’ll have the tools you need at the right time.. Plus you'll have access to our exclusive Slack community to ask questions and find answers to common problems others are having. Plus, there will be strategically placed throughout the sprint to (1) acommodate BLACK FRIDAY (because DUH) and (2) to make sure you have the chance to catch up, take it easy, or iron out some kinks since you already have an overwhelming schedule. Don't worry, we'll change that in this program.

Will Scale Your Shopify Studio Show Me How To Design/Code In Shopify?

Yes and no. Scale Your Shopify Studio is about scaling a Shopify business, not building a Shopify site. That said, you’ll get access to The Shopify Code(x) archives during your membership, so if you can’t get by on your current coding skills, you can brush up on your JSON, SCHEMA and Shopify Liquid skills inside The Shopify Code(x) (which was inspired by how I train my own team internally!).

What Happens After The 12 Weeks?

Good question. After the 12-week mastermind, you get first dibs on our affordable membership pricing (we’re talking low 3-figures a month), so you can continue to network, find a partner, and get live coaching—or not. Dealer’s choice.

I have a studio but it’s not on Shopify. Will this course be for me?

Yes and no. My experience is directly in offering Shopify to merchants at scale with a team. If you do the same with other platforms like Webflow or Squarespace or the like… most concepts will be applicable to you. The exception would be some templates are very Shopify specific. However we do go over financial frameworks, mindset, collaboration, niching and other topics that are useful outside of being a shopify-only shop. So it’s up to you on how applicable it is to your business model.

Is Scale Your Shopify Studio Self-Paced?

Heck no. If you’re anything like me, you don’t finish self-paced courses because there’s no pressure to. So, I drip content to pace the program for you. With clear structure, you know what your goals are. And when you know what your goals are, you’re more likely to see results. But don’t take it from me: Students say they see measurable results within the first four weeks. If you MUST have access to 1 concept before the module is released, your bonus 1:1 coaching session with Lea has you covered.

Is Scale Your Shopify Studio Beginner-Friendly?

Scale Your Shopify Studio was made for skilled freelancers and studio owners who have enough experience to be earning six figures but can’t cross that $100,000 line (or crossed it but scaled their stress with their revenue 😅). If you’re new to design or development and want to learn how to build sites in Shopify, I 10/10 recommend my coach Morgan Rapp’s course Amplify Shopify.

Am I Guaranteed To Find A Partner In Scale Your Shopify Studio?

I can’t guarantee you’ll find a designer or developer to partner with in the program simply because a) the enrolment won’t be a 50/50 split of designers to developers, and b) even if it was, why limit yourself to 25 potential partners? Thanks to the Internet, the world is your oyster 🦪 And you’ll learn everything you need to find said partner and design an offer you can both profit from.

What Is Your Return/Refund Policy?

Because the mastermind is digital and you get instant access to thousands of dollars worth of content, we do not offer returns or refunds. So, read this sales page responsibly, and email me at help@theshopifycodex.com if you have any questions before investing in Scale Your Shopify Studio. And, if you want more information, visit our Terms and Conditions page.

How Is This Different from The Shopify Codex?

While The Shopify Codex helps freelancers break out of the template chains by learning design, Shopify Liquid Code, and delivery processes - this mastermind is targeted at established freelancers or studio owners, we don’t go over beginner content. There’s no *cue eye-roll* content on how to make a proposal. We’re talking about deeper concepts to cross more sophisticated clientele expect, plus the foundations to go from single six-figure operation to 7 figure systems, tools, mindset, process, and collaboration framework. No generic advice here. Real guidance from someone ACTUALLY running a Shopify Agency - a teacher who can DO and teach.

🤔 Still Have Questions?


Let’s better your business

Save $680 until October 5th
$2,875 $2,199
Pay in full and save $680 code BETTERATSCALE! Get all the Bonuses + 1:1 Bonus Coaching Call with Lea.
No auto-billing, you can renew your subscription manually at our first-dibs monthly membership rate after our 12 weeks.
I'm All in
Save 50% on your first month
$575 $287.50
Code: BETTER. Then 4 monthly payments of $575. Only until October 8th.
Payments are in 5 consecutive months, starting today. You can renew your subscription manually at our first-dibs monthly membership rate after our 12 weeks.
Let's Do it
Price goes up in January - lock in this price before we close for the Fall.

Plus, get access to the Designing Your Signature Offer masterclass with Morgan Rapp!